About Scrapstore

SCRAPSTORE, Swindon is a low cost community resource centre and environmental charity that is home to a multitude of projects dedicated to releasing the untapped potential of all things, people and possibilities.

An Aladdin's cave of materials ready to stimulate your imagination. From crafts to furniture, reclamation to DIY and play - SCRAPSTORE has something for you. 

What We Need

We are interested in any materials or items that can be used in an art, craft, DIY, reclamation or play context. So long as all materials are clean, safe and suitable all it takes is a call to confirm and we are more than capable of taking large quantities off your hands €“ even clearing whole offices and stockpiles!

The more colourful and unusual the better, particularly with regard to paper, fabrics and plastics. If you can deliver, great! If not, call and we will arrange a convenient collection. Do something amazing today and get in touch. 


We are open to any member of the general public and support schools, community groups, child-minders, nurseries, colleges, students, youth groups, after-school clubs, crafters, art and drama groups, to name only a few. Our aim is to provide access for all to low cost creative materials, inspiration and resources. Whoever you are there will be a SCRAPSTORE for you.


    IT Project ReBoot

    IT Project ReBoot

    Welcome to Project Reboot. A completely new way of looking at waste and supporting the causes you care about, now at Scrapstore!


    Welcome to Project Reboot


    We provide quality refurbished computers and laptops to the community

    We train and mentor long term un-employed people to help with their confidence and skills in finding a new job.

    We help local Companies meet their environmental targets and social responsibilities.

    We are WEEE compliant and recycle every component.

     Custom build computers to meet your needs be it for the office or gaming enviroment

    What we offer to Companies and their staff… 

    FREE on site collection of computers, laptops, monitors and peripherals etc.

    FREE SECURE data sanitisation of hard drives using industry standard compliant methods.

    We help meet your Companies WEEE obligations with no overseas freight miles.

    We make you feel proud of your local CSR and environmental recycling ambitions.

    Tech Amnesty Days (your staff donate their old tech - pc, laptop etc from home).

     We also repair smart phones and tablets, offer advise on network issues and infrastructure

    Come and try days such as minecraft

    To community groups and individuals…

    Quality refurbished internet ready PCs and Laptops running a modern operating system with a full open office package included. Plus a warranty for peace of mind.

    Lowest possible prices to help the tightest of budgets.

    Help low income families to provide equipment for their child's education needs.

    Custom made gaming systems to suit every budget

    To find out more just get in touch with a member of staff on  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     

    Please take a look at our YouTube channel by clicking the below

    Reboot YouTube Channel