If you have a home, nursery, business, school or warehouse having a clear out  - please think of us. Don't just chuck it in the car or the van and dump it at the tip - Call us and see if we can use your scrap!

What are we looking for from Prospective Partners?

1. We are interested in any resources or items that can be used in an art, craft or play context.
2. We are also seeking furniture or furnishings of reasonable quality suitable for homes, schools and offices.
3. We are looking for creative materials - particularly colourful paper, fabric and plastics.
4. We are interested in both new products to and out of date or old stock. From toys to stationery, books & storage containers etc.
 5. If you've got something that's not listed here and you think it might be useful, Get in touch. 

How does a business become a supplier?

To start everything off just give us a call - it really is that simple! Even if you are in doubt or have exceptionally large quantities we can agree suitability quickly and easily over the phone€“ in fact we are used to reusing the oddest of ends, often in great numbers! It would be fantastic if you can deliver but if not and there are sufficient quantities just get in touch to arrange a convenient time for collection. Then sit back, relax and know that today you made a real difference to your community and environment!

The Benefits of becoming a SCRAPSTORE Supplier

Your business may be able to use their materials donations in working towards ISO 14001 or BS 8555 environmental standards management for industry. Additionally at SCRAPSTORE we encourage you to promote your good work and donations in the press and in your own company reports. Our Partners in business find this CSR invaluable to supporting their reputation in the community and in turn helps us too! It really is your chance to make a difference, today. From an environmental perspective reuse ensures compliance with your company green policy as the most carbon friendly solution for your businesses excess.

Have a look at our Items Most Wanted List to see how your business might be able to give back!


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We're a friendly bunch and always happy to help so
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