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About Us

Swindon Children's Scrapstore is a registered charity and low cost community resource centre which is home to a multitude of projects. The Scrapstore is an Aladdin's cave full of materials ready to stimulate your imagination. From Crafts and Play to Office Furniture and Computing, the Scrapstore has something for everyone.

Established in 1985 The Scrapstore provides low cost, environmentaly friendly resources for use in recreational, educational and leisure time activities. We collect redundant, reusable, clean, safe materials from local businesses and make these available to the local community.

The Scrapstore is accessible to all members of the community, we benefit over 50,000 people in Swindon each year through the projects and services we provide.

We divert on average 250 tonnes of redundant reusable materials from landfill sites back into reuse for the benefit of local people each year. We also provide volunteering and work placement opportunities to help people gain skills, confidence and self-esteem.

Scrapstore Charity Structure

Scrapstore employs five part-time members of staff to oversee the day-to-day running of our projects and to help supervise our 15 regular part-time volunteers. At the head of the project is Olivia McCann who has previously won a 'Pride of Swindon' Award and has led the operation for the past 22 years.

It is our member demand that is ultimately responsible for the evolution and direction of Scrapstore with developments governed by our constitution and managed by our Management Committee volunteers.

In addition our trustees provide the strategic vision for the organisation and offer their expertise in guiding the project forward. Currently these members are; Simon Cheney (Secretary), Sarah Connell (Governance), and Sally Huggins (Committee Member). To find out how to become a trustee contact Olivia on 01793 513982.

Supporting Scrapstore

With pressure mounting on businesses to reduce waste and dispose of their surplus responsibly, our supply chain is a win-win from top to bottom. The Scrapstore actively assists businesses by collecting their safe, surplus materials to be stored and distributed through our Resource Warehouse.

If you wish to donate items to us, you must contact the store and book a slot on 01793 513982

Donation slots are booked for Wednesdays and Thursdays only​​

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