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Donating Funds

At SCRAPSTORE we aim for financial self-sustainability and run our projects for the most part as if they were a business. There are however unavoidable financial costs to our organisation that despite careful monitoring do for the moment still need to be met.

SCRAPSTORE are faced by the costs of investing into new services necessary for self-sustainability. Also relying upon funding for running the volunteers van and its expenses as well as the costs of bills and occupation for our warehouse space.

Year on year we make improvements on our financial sustainability increasing by 10% annually for the last 5 years. Until that point of complete self-funding is reached we rely on income from annual memberships, donations and grants to continue serving our community and preserving the environment.

There are many ways that you can make a donations to Scrapstore:

Get in Touch with us to arrange a cash or cheque collection

Hold your own fundraising event in aid of supporting Scrapstore

Call one of our team to talk through Legacy Donations
Donate now using a Credit or Debit Card or 
Paypal Account

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