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Items Wanted

If you have a home, nursery, business, school or warehouse having a clear out- please think of us. Don't just chuck it in the car or the van and dump it at the tip - Call us and see if we can use your scrap!

The Scrap Donation Checklist

1. We are interested in any materials or items that can be used in an art, craft or play context.

2. Materials must be clean and safe.

3. The more colourful the better, particularly with regard to paper, fabric and plastics

4. Strange, exotic, unusual materials are our 'holy grail'!

5. New Products: damaged, out of date, or old stock. From toys to stationery, books, toiletries, art materials, packaging, storage containers etc.

6. If the scrap is suitable we can take large quantities!

7. If you can deliver,great! If not - we can collect.

8. This list is incomplete! If you've got something that's not listed here and you think it would beuseful, call us

Please click here to see a list of our Items Most Wanted
We are also currently making an ongoing appeal for computers, DVD's, CD's and old, used  mobile phones  Thank you so much for your support!

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