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SCRAPSTORE 'Resources' are ready for whatever reuse, up-cycling, hobby crafting or DIY project you have in mind. Transforming 'Waste Things into Play Things' and offering individuals and communities the opportunity to experiment with different colours, textures and materials - we have it all! The weird and the wonderful!

Membership is open to schools, community groups,

child-minder, nursery, college, student, youth group,

after-school club, Mum or Dad, art and drama group or just someone who loves a good find - come along and explore.

Our resources are open to everyone, members and visitors, all are welcome to pop by, browse and take away their chosen treasures! We do however have a range of membership options available should you decide the benefits they bring could save you even MORE money!

For an annual subscription you can collect materials from the non-priced SCRAPSTORE Creative Resources area, behind the red line in store free of charge all year round. All it takes is a quick chat with one of our staff members on reception and you're up and running!

Or for more information just call us on 01793 513982, we're always happy to talk you through your options! Alternatively you can download our Membership Form HERE

Membership Options


For students and Individuals

Standard: £40

Plus £70


Primary and Secondary Schools

Standard: £120

Plus: £150


Not for profit groups, Non-fee paying Nurseries, Pre and Special Schools

Standard: £70

Plus: £100


Profit Making Organisations, Fee-paying Nurseries and Schools

Standard: £150

Plus: £200

Plus options give you an additional 20% discount on Office Furniture and Repaint Scheme

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