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Our Partners & Supporters

We have been establishing partnerships since our foundation in 1985 and the longevity and strength of these relationships is testimony to our belief in win-win relationships. So many of the SCRAPSTORE Project's from RePaint to Resources are reliant upon the patronage of major household brands and companies whom we are ever proud to be associated with.

For us, reuse and repurposing is about the creation of value, ensuring accessibility and abundance of resources and overall in the preservation of quality. Because we believe that things can always be better when people work together.

In addition to these suppliers and household brands as our supporters we must mention also our inspirational and amazing backers who supply the funding, support and financial capital to get many of our newer projects off the ground. These foundations, trusts and local businesses are the silent heroes behind our good works and without them our communities would be a poorer place, in every possible way.

SCRAPSTORE, Swindon does everything it can to ensure fiscal sustainability and self-reliance though occasional financial investment is invaluable in growing, evolving and ever improving our projects, facilities and our service to the community. Find out a little more About Us.

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