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The Arts And Crafts Store

Our Arts and Crafts Shop has all the resources you might need for fun, safe craft and creativity.

SCRAPSTORE works directly with the local community educating children, parents, child minders, play leaders and play professionals about the importance of creative play, imagination and self-expression.

For this reason we decided to set up an Arts and Crafts Store with a difference. One open to everyone - that offers brand new materials at bargain prices (prices far under those of standard retailers) We believe in making creativity as accessible as possible without breaking the bank. Whether your looking for pocket money treats or enough materials to stock a pre-school crafts cupboard.

From paint pots to scissors, paper mache to pipe cleaners, glue and googly eyes to card, foil and stencils. If you want it, we will probably have it. Brand new and at a price that doesn't break the bank. Come have a look for yourself or Get in Touch!

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